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The President of the United States is the head of the Executive Branch of the federal government. The President is the chief executive and is the ultimate Decision Maker, affecting the lives of not just every American, but also the lives of many other people around the world. Choosing the most qualified executive for the job is every Americans most solemn duty. An in-depth job description for the position of America’s Chief Executive could easily be made into a book, but some highlights can be found in the Job Requirements.

As Americans, we the people must all do our due diligence by weighing the many factors in order to make the best decision possible for the good of the nation as a whole. We MUST look at the main issues of the day, and match up the qualifications of the candidates that best fit, and vote for that candidate

While there are many issues to consider including the big social issues of right to life, Same Sex Marriage, or the economy; this election cycle has brought to the surface an insidious issue of the highest magnitude - the complete destruction of the United States as we know it. This secret attack on on our way of life comes from the big globalist corporations and the international billionaires in the form of faux trade deals such as NAFTA, TPP, TTIP, TISA and others. Once these issues are fully understood, the rest of the issues are of little significance as these trade deals give away America’s sovereignty and opens our borders wide to billions of low wage workers from around the world.  In other words, we no longer have a country. NAFTA, WTO and other past trade deals are a big part of our economic woes of the last 15 years. It is vital that every American study this issue in depth and understand its implications to each and every one of us.


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